Handholding in Panama during a brief side trip just before the New Year, the Pitts look about as happy and relaxed as any other normal couple on vacay save for the telltale security guarding their presence. As for those of you who keep emailing about an eating disorder or demanding criticism about one in relation to Angie’s pin-thin frame… call me Cruise, maybe I’ve been conditioned to the skeletal standards of MK Olsen and Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth, but if you ask me, Angelina doesn’t belong in the grouping. For one, Angelina has breasts. And if you look at her from the side in these photos, she also doesn’t have the alarming telltale concave stomach. In fact, there even appears to be a little protrusion – NOT baby, just tank top over waist band, happens to us all, though I’m sure if you check out the upcoming issues of Star Magazine or Life & Style, she’ll probably be pregnant by the weekend...at which point another ridiculous round of “SPLIT” headlines will grace supermarket stands, based this time on his smoking – can you see the banner? ANGIE’S ULTIMATUM: Cigarettes or your Family – Choose Now! Seriously though…kicking the beast is a bitch and if it happens also to be his New Year’s resolution, I can totally commiserate. Source via Source