Remember what I wrote the other day about the Pitts" PDA Clinic? A lesson to Tom and his prisoner on how to sell intimacy without bringing on worldwide ridicule? It's subtle you see. Hands and body language, the suggestion of jungle hotness without having to get down in the jungle - the Pitts perfected it this week and of course details revealed in the new Vogue are no different. I call it psychological erotica...does that make sense? An excerpt from Page 165: 

******** Just as she has safely landed her plane and is told that Pitt is on his way there is a palpable shift in mood. Everyone is all atwitter: Brad is coming....Brad is coming. We are standing around several hundred yards from the runway, when a craft comes into view. As Pitt lands their other planes, an eight-seat Cessna Caravan, the family minivan to Jolie’s sport car, we were all asked to stay put as Jolie, still in the white linen suit and heels, begins a long dramatic walk alone to meet Pitt at his plane. As she gets closer, the propeller kicks up dust and she waves to him in the cockpit with one hand while holding her hair with the other. Suddenly, the door opens, stairs are lowered, and Pitt scurries down and nearly scoops her up. He hugs her tight and then reaches down and grabs her ass. As they walk back toward the group, talking and laughing the whole way, Jolie has wrapped her arms around Pitt’s torso, and she has her head on his chest, almost nestled into his armpits. It is the first time I noticed her small and delicate she actually is. And as they get closer, I noticed something else: Jolie has other arm wrapped around him too, she is holding on with both hands. ******** 

A little Rossum? Totally more than a little! But still...I KNOW I'm not alone when I say I'd definitely own a copy of One Night in the Pitts.