Another week, another ballsy Us Weekly cover. Janice and her crew are on the warpath, this time against Angelina Jolie.

So she just adopted Pax. And she said that she’s planning to take time off to be with her four kids. But she has also accepted new movie offers, is scheduled to begin working again, and of course the vicious bitches at the magazine had to get some random adoption author to comment on the “oddness” of her behaviour.

Other details: the fact that she begged for privacy and then promptly turned around and sold photos of her the 3 children to Hello and People and of course questions about her state of mind and the state of her relationship with Brad Pitt.

Damn! Janice Min is on TILT, y’all! And she clearly hates it when celebrities go running to the asskissing folks at People Magazine and its loyal MiniVan Majority subscribers. Wonder if Janice took a hit in newsstand sales last week when the pictorial came out?

As for what’s up with Angie – no word from insiders about why she’s taking on more acting roles, though they have predicted that the media savvy Pitts will do their best, and they are the best at it, to arrange many visual opportunities to prove her parenting excellence.

Re: the issue of the sale of the photos – I’m told they do it to control the situation. In their minds, releasing pics on their own terms diffuses the dangerous crunch that can result from pappies pursuing them. As a source told me recently: “Angelina is a control freak” and journalists on the ground in Vietnam confirmed last week during the Pax Hunt that every step along the way was organized with military precision. She had topnotch security but also full scale cooperation from Vietnamese authorities guarding her every move and blocking access, prompting a few to grudgingly admire that “she’s smart, man. She paid large to have that kind of protection, not just her own team but we were trying to get pictures outside the offices there and the police told us not to and some girl tried to do it with her cell phone and they came over and said if anyone tried it again, they would shoot us dead. She calls the shots, man. See that’s the difference. Almost all of the other stars are too cheap to pay for what she gets. But her and Brad Pitt, good planning, put it that way. They don’t complain about it, they just control it and they got their own pictures out and the quality is better than what they can get even from the best lens so the paparazzi shots won’t be worth as much.”

Bottom line – Us Weekly has put the Pitts on their sh-t List. Just in time for Spring Fever. And just as their relationship with Jennifer Aniston is improving... Ding Dong.

Me? Who do I believe? Don"t give a rat"s ass.

Janice is a fighting a smutty war with the Cruises and the Pitts...