The Babel Gala lights up TIFF on Saturday night - also on Saturday night in Toronto, Wyclef Jean will be partying at the Premiere Lounge in celebration of his film Ghosts of Cite Soleil, the highly acclaimed documentary about Haiti, and a project Angelina Jolie has been very, very supportive of. Yes gossips...there is a double couple rumour floating around the T-Dot and it has everything to do with the EX word. First the Pitts: since Brad"s already here for Babel, word on the street is that Angie will be joining him so that she can also help raise Wyclef"s profile. Check back late Saturday night for a full report... I"ve got this one covered. Then of course there"s Vince Vaughn"s Wild West Comedy thing, premiering on Friday night and as I just reported on eTalk, we"re feeling a little bit of an Aniston buzz, and apparently the TIFF security team has been put on high alert to prevent a superstar collision at all costs. Strange really...I really didn"t think she"d show, especially on the heels of that huge fight she had with Us Weekly over her maybe/not really/possibly engagement. And yet...let"s remember that Vince"s project is still looking for distribution, which means there"s a product to sell, which means there"s a reason to be seen together, which means it"s entirely possible that she would make the trip to Toronto, if only to hold up her end of the bargain. Most stars have to work really, really hard to hawk their wares, you know? Most...but not Brad. At least not conventionally. It is Brad Pitt after all - a man who is so influential, among the few in the world who doesn"t have to mess around with the tiresome interview circuit to pimp his movies. That"s right gossips...Brad is not doing junket for Babel, and yet the film is one of the hottest tickets of the festival. Now when you consider that Tom Cruise had to shuttle himself across every corner of the universe to whore out MI:3, what does that tell you about the power of the Pitt? Or, more accurately, the power of the Jolie-Pitt?