For a refresher on the Pants Issue, click here. Said it before and I’ll say it again… no one wears pants like David Beckham and Brad Pitt. And while Jake might be tops on the Freebie Five, we all know his Pants Deficiency…on a suggestion yesterday from Andrea, I now think it’s his ass. Too much biking, too much training for Lance Armstrong, resulting in a bottom that’s too large, too raised, and much too much iron beef. Which is why the pants don’t hang properly off his body.

Unlike Brad Pitt.

THAT, gossips, is the perfect hang. And THAT, gossips, is the Hotness. Have you seen the trailer for Oceans 13? Just had the pleasure this weekend before Blades of Glory – Brad, George, Matt, Al Pacino, the one and only Don Cheadle, and that sassy broad Ellen Barkin… I’m sure they paid a million dollars just to have every shot lit the way it was for the “mature” cast but sh-t, if so, it was well worth it.

The boys are back and the boys are FOINE. And yes, Brangelunatics… the Pitts are fine as well.