Not that you can really tell but here are the Family Pitt and the Family Rossdale and their brand new babes born within hours of each other. While Angelina and Gwen and Baby Z hang back at the house, Brad and Gavin went jetskiing with Madd, and then everyone enjoyed a bbq with five hundred security personnel running around...because isn"t that how all normal families enjoy the long weekend? Have to tell you, I do like the idea of these two as friends. First and foremost, it shows that Angelina is capable of an estrogen-fueled PLATONIC relationship. Rare, yes. But possible still. Second, it totally ups the cool factor - on both sides. And third, it completes our musical future - a 4 piece Hollywood offspring dream band: the MaddRoc KingPitts, with Shiloh on keyboard, Kingston on electric guitar, Rocco Ritchie on percussion, and Maddox writhing on vocals while writhing on Spanish Beckham, the soon to be conceived princess of the British tabloids and lifelong arch-nemesis of Apple Martin. The gossip horizon is delicious, non? Photo source and thanks to Frank Portman for the inspiration.