Everyone hates… call me Cruise but I don’t hate. I think it’s kinda hot. And I also thought Brad Pitt’s bleach blonde was hot too. Not forever, of course. But for now it’s alright. For now it’s reportedly for the cover of W Magazine, which is apparently why Posh went lighter last weekend as well. A photo shoot to take place in advance of their imminent American arrival, for an issue coordinated with the release of her US reality tv show chronicling the family’s final Waterloo – Waterloo because it’s being predicted to be a huge failure.

Word is the series is boring, that Victoria is boring, that the network had to plant a mole on board to spice things up. All this from the UK press of course, with whom the Beckhams have a legendary love/hate relationship, although truth be told, I honestly can’t imagine them doing anything ghastly enough to capture a large audience… or at least the kind of audience that watches Deal or No Deal. Or worse yet, The Bachelor.

Me? I will devour every minute. For the weekly privilege of watching him touch her – contrived or not – I will devour ever minute. I’m telling you, these 2 are porn for me.

PS. The blonde reminds me of Sting. Sting is The Hotness. Therefore Becks blonde is The Hotness?