But is this really news? People Magazine might have confirmed it exclusively today but haven’t we all been rock solid certain for weeks? Indeed we have. Which is why I’m not going to bore you with details. Here’s the bump – via DListed – here’s the People Cover, and here’s to 6 months of frenzied baby watching and even more heightened interest in the media juggernaut known as “Brangelina” – a term I shall use just this once and never again. And remember, gossips. No coincidences. Notice it was People that broke the news? People Magazine. The ONLY weekly to have been very pro-Pitts in the last several months. For the benefit of those new to the site and those who love to send me hatemail or bash my smut on your mickey mouse message boards, I’m going to gloat about how right I was. I know the rest of you might be tiring of this. I would be too. But please remember, I’m trying to pimp myself so that gossip can be a full time job. In that respect, I kindly ask for your indulgence and patience. Big kiss thanks! Anyway, here’s what I reported exclusively on December 4th - “I"m told that the couple finally made the agreement (to let Brad adopt Maddox and Zahara), and therefore the commitment, during the long flight to Japan last week to promote Mr & Mrs Smith. My sources are reporting that by the time they got off that plane "something had changed and they just had a new thing between them…it was obvious to everyone." You all know what this means, right? Official adoption signals permanence. We"ve gone from jungle sex to jungle family.” And there’s more, from the same article on December 4th – “While my spies are saying marriage isn"t a priority right now, I"m also hearing that one of the reasons behind Angie"s decision to allow Brad to adopt her children is because she wants to protect them in the event that THEY CONCEIVE A CHILD OF THEIR OWN.” As for how far along she really is – People Mag says she’s due some time this summer. My sources told me today it was “more like mid-May”, coincidentally around the time Apple Martin was born. But that’s neither here nor there, is it? I’m also hearing that the Pitt clan is PISSED! Not because it’s Angelina, but because they literally found out over the weekend. He apparently kept them all in the dark and Mama ain’t happy. Still waiting for more extensive details on this one so chew on that for a day or two while I keep digging. And finally…the question of marriage. Nothing on my radar yet. But my insider reports, “Angie doesn’t seem to care about going conventional on this. If they do it, it will be low key. Not Vegas, not the Carribean, just an official in their living room with a piece of paper. We don’t think they’re in a rush though.” So there you have it. Whether or not you believe is up to you.