Everyone talks about the diversity of the Family Pitt and their wonderful family values…totally agree. But I also love the diversity of the Family Smith and THEIR wonderful family values. Will’s first son is from a previous relationship, Jada has treated Trey like her own, and they have opened up their home on every occasion to Trey’s mother –it’s the kind of situation people SAY they would totally subscribe to in theory but it never works out that way in practice, does it? But so go the Smiths and I love them for it. Which is part of the reason why I want so badly to believe the Perfect Picture, to ignore the beard/purse buzz - to say nothing of her biceps - and swallow photos like this hook, line, and sinker. Will, Jada, and Jaden in London to promote the Pursuit of Happyness – adorable, non? Somewhat under the radar but the movie is doing very well, quietly, kicking ass at the box office and earning critical applause for Will’s raw and courageous performance – GG nomination well deserved and hopefully a follow Oscar nod as well. If anyone can win a popularity contest, it is most definitely Will Smith. Don’t count him out as a dark horse at the end of February. Source