Did they actually do it?

Are they making us f-cking wait for an announcement?

God, why can’t anyone tell us for sure!?!? shouted Jen across the balcony...

It’s imagined dialogue but is it totally implausible?

Belinda White, the online fashion editor for The Daily Telegraph in London, reported yesterday that Brange married on Christmas Day in Turks and Caicos. The Telegraph is not The Sun or The Mirror. And, sure, Belinda White is not Hilary Alexander but, well, really, who is? The point is the story source is much more legitimate than what usually comes out of the UK, especially since it was reported from a fashion journalist and Brange were said to be staying on an island estate belonging to Donna Karan.

All full 24 hours later on no other legitimate US outlet has been able to confirm or deny and don’t think they haven’t tried. PEOPLE would have tried. US WEEKLY would have tried. They all would have tried. And are still trying. Gossip Cop says they tried and Brange’s people have yet to respond. Which doesn’t meant they actually did it but it does mean they don’t mind that you keep wondering about it. And Jen and Justin too.