OMG I love these pictures. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were photographed together on Sunday at the girls’ soccer game. While watching Zahara and Shiloh play, they sat in the bleachers, at one point kissing… while 3 bodyguards hovered, discreetly, nearby. The security detail was dressed casually so as not to draw too much attention. Amazing, right? I mean the level of planning that has to go into showing up for their kids’ sporting events.

In the end, Z and the Chosen One were on the winning team. And, just like regular parents, Brange cheered by the fence and dad took pictures and video on his phone. As you can see, dad had a hug for Z when she came off the pitch and Shiloh was so thrilled about the victory, she jumped into Brad’s arms.

It’s a glimpse of what Brange family life is really like. Makes you want to see those home videos even more.

PS Yesterday I posted photos of Britney and her boyfriend Charlie Ebersol at her kids’ soccer game. It’s really too bad that all these children aren’t in the same league.