They’re back in LA!

Here they are, all 8 of them, arriving at LAX after spending a couple of months in Australia where the Jolie was directing Unbroken. And we just happen to be inside a month until the Oscars…

Where 12 Years A Slave is nominated for Best Picture.

This is good.

Voting is still open. And it’s a critical time. And the Brange needs to hustle for some support. Are they ready to get to work? I hope they’re ready to work. Word is many Academy members won’t see the movie – because they don’t want to be uncomfortable, because they don’t want to revisit the truth about America. But Steve McQueen, as Lupita Nyong’o said, put a flashlight under the floorboards of the United States. And it’s a film that’s as important as any film in Oscar history. It’s a film that deserves to be listed on the row of plaques leading into the Dolby Theatre. In perpetuity? 12 Years A Slave, definitely.


The chances of them going to the Oscars on March 2 just got muuuuuch better.

Brad's boots are by Palladium.