Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie returned to LA on Sunday. It’s been exactly a month since they flew out all together, heading first to France – click here for a refresher – right after her 40th birthday. In the last four weeks, the Jolie has been seen in South Africa, Namibia, then Turkey, and, most recently, London, where Brange visited with William and Katy Cambridge and also Chris Martin.

As you can see, Maddox, who will turn 14 in a month, has a fresh mohawk, and evidently likes his white socks pulled way up. Vivienne, as usual, is with her mother while Miss Zahara hangs on to her father. Shiloh the Chosen is paired with Knox, and Pax, always the coolest, is moving around under a hoodie.

It doesn’t matter who your parents are. If you are a parent, you will, one day, embarrass your kids. You think they’re embarrassed yet of Brad’s t-shirt?