Brange’s first reviews

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 6, 2015 20:08:24 November 6, 2015 20:08:24

Brange opened AFI Fest last night in LA with By The Sea. She wore champagne Versace. He showed up in a tux. It was full on old Hollywood, and that nostalgic vibe is what they’re trying to evoke in the film too. Ah, yes, the film…

The first reviews for By The Sea have been published. Everyone acknowledges that it’s arty and not commercial. So far though, according to Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and The Wrap, it’s not that great. Apparently there’s a lot of longing and looking. And it’s too long. The pickiest criticism I’ve read was from Todd McCarthy (THR) who thought she was wearing too much makeup. So, basically, this film is for Brangelunatics, at least the ones who happen to be living in the select cities where it’s opening next week. That’s me! New York, LA, and Toronto. I’m trying to see it at one of those theatres where they bring you wine and food right to your seat, like I’m on a date with Pitt Porn. Will let you know how it is.


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