We don’t get VH1 here in Canada so I couldn’t see for myself. But word is Angelina made a bitch face when Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep were announced as co-winners for Best Actress? True or not true? Thing is… Angelina didn’t have a chance. And she would have known this. So maybe the bitch face wasn’t so much a bitch face as it was a thin face? Because as beautiful as she is, and of course she’s totally gorgeous, her face could use some fat. Something softer, gentler, more padded.

Still…they are an intoxicatingly handsome couple. Even when she’s so blandly dressed. Even though she’s always so boringly dressed. If there’s the Brange, there’s really no one else. Brad Pitt especially looked great last night. As you’d expect, there was a red carpet frenzy and they played it. She giggled and she flirted and she whispered in his ear and he rubbed her – you know the usual.

And inside the auditorium, am told that even celebrities and Hollywood players couldn’t keep their attention away from the two as they had to content with a minor parade of wellwishers and industry folks shuffling up, finding an excuse to talk to the First Couple. When they were alone, they kept things PG, unlike last year, although there was an inside joke or two and her hand was never far from his thigh.

But Benjamin was totally shut out last night. And this can’t be sitting well this morning. In particular, it was thought that David Fincher had the best individual shot to represent the movie…but that was before my Slumdog started picking up steam. Oscar nominations are announced January 22nd. We’ll have to see how it all shakes out.

And finally, what you really want to talk about…

Angie’s waxy head.

We’ve been looking at it for a while, this strange filmy sheen that’s misted on her face the last several appearances…

Some are saying Botox, which is totally possible. This is Hollywood after all. Still others are calling it mineral foundation, several of you makeup artists have emailed me insisting on it. And if that’s the case, dude, she needs to switch that sh-t up.

So is it Botox or Mineral Foundation?

I was totally on Team Botox…and then I found this photo of her chatting up some dudes and you can see her forehead, it’s totally creased. And without much effort either. If Nicole Kidman tried that she’d give herself an aneurysm. So now I’m back on the fence.


Check the poll.

And look out for these two at the Globes on Sunday. Given that Benjamin Button is losing steam, something tells me they will bring the porn. LOVE the Pitt Porn!

Photos from Wenn.com and Bauergriffinonline.com