MUCH better than that old lady sidesweep from the other night.

This is more like the Jolie. A very, very beautiful Jolie, her hair thick loose and cascading around her shoulders (and lighter?), wearing a beautiful grey coat, no waxy skin with Brad Pitt’s hand on her ass at the Paris premiere of Benjamin Button tonight. They’re colour coordinated too. Gorgeous. And smug.

They have reason to glow, non?

Last year, the Brange bitchslapped the Academy for daring to exclude them, instead choosing the Spirit Awards carpet to unveil Angelina’s twin bump. You don’t mess with the Brange. So this year, the Academy learned. And Pitt Porn will grace the Kodak theatre for the first time ever. That sh-t will be bananas. Can’t wait!

And seriously, that’s the best her hair has looked in a long time.

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