While they may have lost the latest battle in an interminable war, the Brange last night did not give ground. Because when they arrived, as you’d expect, the place went batsh-ts. He, as usual, was the most handsome son of a bitch in town. She… was a little waxy. But with an elegance last night that was missing from the SAGs and the rest. It was the earrings I think. And the stately way she swept up her hair. Not my favourite style but Angelina Jolie is a beauty for the ages.

And they were in a GREAT mood. She blew by Ryan Seacrest again although Brad did humour him for a few seconds, and then they dashed off together, at one point he held on to her clutch while she posed. She was quick always to return to his side though – we watched on the pool feed when they hadn’t reached us yet and there was an almost girlish skip to her step whenever she reclaimed his hand. I’ll be the sucker who believes they’re deep in the soul.

I was on Twitter about this last night but for those of you who weren’t – the best moment was when some super fan who was able to score a ticket tried to hug her.


…the f-ck?

Crazy lady was hovering just at the steps. Brange finished at the photowall and were about to head up to the Kodak. Lunatic stuck out her arm, stopping Angelina from proceeding. Gushed in her face – I’m a big fan! Then as the Jolie moved to shake her hand, she pulled it in and tried to wrap the other around her shoulders.

Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh Oh God…

Are you covering your face? Because I’m wincing even as I’m reliving it.

Ew ew ew ew ew ew!!!!

Someone came in with a deflection. I missed that part because I had to look away. By the time I opened my eyes again, the Brange were walking away briskly while the deranged person looked like she was about to have a meltdown.

I hate people.

Anyway, a few minutes later, I had to rush to the press room from the balcony. In order to do so I had to cut across the Kodak entry. So I did. And they were waiting in line amid a swarm of people all pushing into the auditorium. And at that moment I saw them, right there, he was pulling a strand of hair out of her lipgloss. And then I think my mouth opened and I licked my lips.

Work called. Had to go. One glance back, she had her hand inside his jacket, his hand was on her ass.

Finally…the notable moment during the event – did you notice Brad was the last to stand for Kate Winslet? Angelina almost had to nudge him!


Brad Pitt when Kate Winslet wins

Me I thought it was gracious when Kate held out to her. I believed Angelina’s expression in return. As for why Brad couldn’t be bothered to get up…


He’s Brad Pitt.
Again, he’s not that pushover people keep saying he is. He didn’t feel like it. He’s as arrogant as they come. As sure-cocked as they come. He’d already stood up too many times over 4 hours. And it’s not like his lady was the one who won.

Go on haters…let’s hear it.

Photos from Gettyimages.com and Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com

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