Unlike what happened in Toronto, the barricades did not crumble over Brad Angelina hysteria last night in NYC at the premiere of the Assassination of Jesse James. As you can see, the Pitts once again arrived in coordinated gorgessity – he in another well cut dark suit, she in a boring textured LBD. Still…when you look like Angelina… dressing it up too much is kinda overkill.

You will note however her interesting wardrobe choice last night – the dress is pulling at the midsection, she looks like she’s sucking in, and her tits are huge…which as you would expect has sent the Brangelunatics into a frenzy about the possibility of The Second Coming. And Brad as you know has recently confirmed that they are ready for more – five, six, seven, eight …

Early word however was that adoption from Ethiopia by Thanksgiving would be first on the agenda. Perhaps Pitt Porn planted a seed first? Will keep you posted.