After a few days in France, the Family Pitt is heading out. Destination not 100% confirmed but shooting on Wanted has yet to be complete so Momma could be back to work.

As you can see, Angelina and Brad are transporting the Chosen One from the car into their jet. Look closely how blonde she is and I can see her big cheeks from here although in one shot the poor thing looks like she’s wailing, perhaps roused from a warm nap on the way to the airport.

Again, per my post yesterday, in spite of constant insinuations from bottom feeding $1.99 rags, the Pitts are not breaking up. Nor is Angelina throwing a strop every day over Jennifer Aniston. Nor is she on a starvation campaign. And while I understand it’s totally more fun to believe it to be so, here’s the problem – Brad and Angelina have been on vacay with Mariane Pearl and spending time with her whenever they can over the summer. And Mariane Pearl is a serious woman. She is not a Hollywood woman. And as someone in Cannes explained to me back in May: “Mariane wouldn’t waste her time on a lightweight. She understands Brad and Angie have a job to do but she’s also not going to align herself with two unstables who could jeopardise her own standing in her own community. Give her some credit.”

Still…that version of events doesn’t sell at the newsstands. Which is why Star Magazine keeps insisting that Brad is telling his mother that he wants to reunite with Jen and Angelina is throwing up every five minutes and shooting up heroin as Mariane Pearl cleans her syringes.