The Holy Twins turned 1 on Sunday. Of course there was a celebration. Of course has the exclusive details. This is what happens when you pay over $20 million for baby photos.

Turns out the Brange stayed in with the family. The inlaw Pitts flew in from out of town and Maddox, Pax, Miss Zahara, and the Chosen One Shiloh all pitched in to bake 2 cakes for their young siblings. No idea whether or not there was a photo shoot. Would not be surprised though if we eventually see the pictures in some magazine when it’s time to sell a movie.

Seeing the Chosen One with icing on her nose holding a spatula? Please. The MiniVan Majority swoons. The Brangelunatics will start bleeding themselves.

On the subject of photo shoots – I love Brad Pitt photo shoots. Brad Pitt photo shoots produce great photos. Am sure you’ve seen the new Wired? Click here.

Looks great. Love the badass pink shirt. Love the way his pants hang in the urinal. And the open neck brown shirt on the cover… So.Much.Quiver.

Also attached – Brad on his bike out and about yesterday.

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