So there’s the Kate Moss way of behaving on a short flight…and then there’s Brange, with all of their children. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt flew out of LA on Saturday using the buddy system. Each child had to be attached to another child, except for the two oldest boys who, understandably, are now too cool to hold hands. They flew commercial to Paris. Then, after a two hour layover, flew commercial from Paris to Nice. During the second flight, they sat in coach. Click here to see some shots of them in the economy cabin.

And this is newsworthy because, as we’ve seen, and often, the Brange has been known to fly private jet. Maybe the plane that they normally charter wasn’t available. Maybe, ha!, they were trying to save money. Maybe they thought it would just be easier to fly first class on the long leg of the trip and suck it up for the short haul – it’s no time from Paris to Nice (and besides, on these smaller planes, they often don’t even have a first class section). Maybe Angelina wants you to see that she can do that. Because as we’ve learned from her over the years, she always knows exactly what’s going on and how you’ll react to it. In this case positively. No reports of kids running up and down the aisles screaming. Angelina did not have to change costumes 3 times during the flight. (I’m looking at you, Victoria Beckham.) No fighting among siblings over who gets to play on the iPad, or the DS, probably because they all have one. No one calling anyone else a “basic bitch”. But sh-t, I would love to hear those words come out of Angelina Jolie’s mouth, wouldn’t you? Or Miss Zahara.

Brange was heading for Chateau Miraval. The Jolie just turned 40 last Thursday. A birthday holiday?