After a visit to The Hague, the Jolie arrived in Cannes yesterday to join Brad for dinner with the Inglourious Basterds team debunking yet again tabloid reports of a split or a meltdown. My sources say it’ll be a quick trip for Angelina. She’s taken 2 days off shooting, will join Brad on the carpet tonight, then goes back to New York to resume work while he stays here for press Thursday and Friday before returning home for1 the weekend.

He was overhead telling someone today at the palais actually that he “promised his kids Saturday morning”.

Inside the restaurant during dinner: barely any makeup but her skin was glowing. She’s thin, not her thinnest, but she’s thin. Am told Angie seemed tired, at one point leaning her head against his shoulder as he stroked her back. She had a glace of wine, he beer, and towards the end she looked up at him and he rubbed her cheek with his thumb, like ok baby let’s put you to bed now.

Oh la.

The porn.

It’s coming.

The hand on the ass is coming tonight. For sure.

Can you stand it?

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