Brad Pitt was last seen on Friday with grey hair in London, joined by twins Vivienne and Knox on the set of War Machine, his Netflix movie. On Sunday he was in Cambodia, seen shopping with Angelina Jolie and three of their children. Angelina is there on pre-production for her Netflix film, First They Killed My Father. She’s said that Maddox would be involved in filming and that not only is he learning about his home country, his home culture, but that his siblings are too, and that they hope to do that for all their children, for all the places they were each born.

Brad at some point is expected in Abu Dhabi to do some shooting on War Machine while the Jolie continues to move ahead on First They Killed My Father and then they’re opening AFI Fest on November 5 with By The Sea and he’s in The Big Short which is closing AFI Fest on November 12. I’m wondering though if she’s going to show for The Big Short as Brad will be with co-stars Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, and Steve Carell. But it is a full schedule, as usual, for Brange the next few weeks. Brange season!