It’s the Brange on the red carpet in Tokyo for the Benjamin Button premiere electrifying the Hello Kitties, continuing to work it, work it, work it. As mentioned earlier, Slumdog is under attack. And Brad’s film is not. The Los Angeles Times after the SAGs on Sunday even remarked on his increased enthusiasm for promotion of late:

“Interesting to note the usually press-shy Brad Pitt was everywhere on the red carpet at SAG, speaking even to TV Guide Channel and one of the vapid personalities at E!, where he deflected her dopey line of personal questioning ("How have you made Angelina more of a woman?") by amusingly obsessing on their "Glam Cam." Clearly since his best actor Oscar nomination Thursday, he's decided to ramp up the attention for "Benjamin Button" in any way he can.”

But enough about the campaign…

How about Angelina Jolie in sateen?

I was at a fitting yesterday for a few upcoming events – it’s a mortifying experience because the dresses they bring are often straight from designer studios just for an initial assessment which mean they’re runway sample sizes fit for emaciated models and Hollywood folks and it doesn’t matter if the dress won’t zip up the back because the whole point is to gauge the colour and how it shows up on camera against your skin so there you are with a stylist but the producers have to come in too and offer their opinions and if the dress happens to be sateen, well there they are… those lumps under the light, making bigger the mounds that do exist and suggesting mounds where there really are no mounds as you start to go blue in the face from sucking in so hard being eyed critically by a wall of colleagues analysing every angle.

Those are things no one ever tells you about being on tv.

So anyway, sateen at a dinner party with your friends is one thing. But if a camera has to come out, I’m telling you it’s bad news bears. Like, look at the Jolie. Even the Jolie can’t make it work.

Also, it’s another sh-tty carpet choice.

Am dying to see, just once, Angelina at an awards show styled by Rachel Zoe. Just once.

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