Tonight they’ll do it full on carpet style. But last night a little more private.

Radaronline has just secured these photos of the Brange kissing last night. Cannes obviously gives them an added little juice.

Couple of years ago the same thing happened. They got into the back of a car and went at it right away, remember? So. F-cking. Hot. Quiver….although I love the one with Brad peeking to make sure the cameras are around. Remember, they may be solid and together, but they still have to protect their brand. I buy.

Click here for more photos.

Best part is that the tabloids have released their new covers: Star Magazine’s latest bullsh-t is that Angie “walked in” on Brad and Jen. In Touch is continuing to claim that Brad is texting Jen.


Who the f-ck would leave Angelina Jolie to go back to Jennifer Aniston?