The Brange and all the children left Tokyo today. Here they are, trudging through the airport with their various sleep aids and toys and pillows after Brad and Angelina worked the sales pitch for Moneyball. All in all like 48 hours.

I know it feels like a long way to go for 48 hours.


Um, in their defence, because I received an email yesterday from “Ann” who was very, very upset that I bitch on Angelina so much in favour of my “idols” Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow - more on this later - maybe it’s because they were in Hungary (for World War Z filming), had to hit up Japan, and now are heading back to LA? So the kids had to come along? Miss Zahara looks like she’s ready to go all the way flat back in her first class seat. I wish. We have 8 hours of economy ahead of us to London tonight. But at least we’re flying Emirates!

So, are paps allowed in the boarding lounges over there? I’m just saying you don’t get that close without some kind of consent.

As for “Ann” - as you’ll read from her note below, she thinks I hate Angelina. When I hear from Aniston fans, they say I’m too unfair to Jen. There is no, winning. Superfans are never, happy.

Stop hating Angelina. I regret that i click your site link because i saw an article on angelina and brad.I always read every news about them.I am an avid fan especially of angie. i just cannot understand why you hate angelina so much.what has she done to you to have such hate for this woman.the way you trash her in your site is unbelievable.i know you are a gwyneth and jennifer fan and im sure you hate angie because your idols cannot hold a candle to angie and angie has brad which you want for the hate angie because she has brad babies and you want it for your idols.its okay to hate angie but if you hate her , just please ignore her and don't write anything on your site about is better like that.write things about your is not angies fault, that she is more famous, more beautiful and more talented than your idols.please dont take it against her.praise your idol all you want but please leave angie alone.i am so sick of woman like you jealousy about this wonderful woman.because of your jealousy, you cannot even admit that she looked great ta the tokyo moneyball premiere, instead you are bitching how skinny she and brad look.when almost everyone gushed how beautiful she are being blinded by your only like to write negative things about her, when she doesn't look good , you are so happy to write about cannot wait.but when she look good , you ignore that and just write bitchy things.that is a clear sign of jealousy.please be fair , your site used to be fair and i like to read it but you became so unfair to angelina nowadays and start acting like a publicist of aniston and plathrow.i stopped coming toyour site because i know you have nothing but negative about angelina but tried today and yestarday again but just disaapointed on how you treat angie.from now on i wil not visit your site because it is slowly becoming like a site for huvane clients.what happened.why the animosity towards angie and so positive about huvane clients?i think i know the answer.anyway, just leave angie alone and don't write about her.stop, the hate.