Brad and Angelina arrived undercover in Toronto to promote Jesse James. They were staying where they stayed last year at the Park Hyatt (and just because she wasn’t “seen” back then doesn’t mean she didin’t show up at the super exclusive party of one of Canada’s wealthiest couples for a philanthropic dinner) with an underground parkade to bring them in and out without being mobbed.

Turns out they had very good reason.

But first…in the afternoon, while Brad attended his press conference, Angelina hung back at the hotel’s 2nd floor restaurant having lunch, bodyguard in tow. I’m told she had a large blue cheese salad and some other appetiser and ate all of it before quickly leaving when she suspected that word had leaked about where she was.

Then the frenzy at the premiere. The crowd was thick and unlike the energy last year when Brad was in town for Babel when people were excited but respectfully so, this time there was a frenzy…something in the air that smelled dangerous. Which may have accounted for why Pitt Porn did not come to Toronto.

Though the two were colour coordinated and certainly affectionate – many knowing “looks” back and forth – it wasn’t so much horny as it was tender. Perhaps they were celebrating Brad’s best actor win at the Venice Film Festival (a major surprise to him as well as the studio as the big push was supposed to be have been for Casey). Whatever these, it was a sweet vibe as opposed to a sex vibe.

As for Angelina – she looks great in the face with the shorter hair. The most amazing eyes, the most amazing nose. But while her upper body isn’t quite so alarming in person, her legs break your heart. Her legs are sooo skinny. Without a trace of exaggeration, they are third world skinny. It’s painful to see.

Having said that, they were in a good mood. Spent more time on the carpet doing press than usual, Angelina also answered questions, Matt Damon and the boys were waiting at Amber for their private party immediately afterwards, until the night took a sinister turn.

The Brangelunatics… they rushed them. It was a mad scramble, it was insane. Exclusive details on eTalk – I will post on the site at 7pm EST. Suffice to say, there was a lady, she had a baby, and Brad Pitt was more important. Tune into the show tonight or check back here later for full details.

Needless to say, because of the madness, the Pitts held court instead on the rooftop at the Hyatt instead. And even though Brad had supposedly bought a table at OnexOne last night, they were a no show, preferring probably to get out of town and away from the Canadian Brangelunatics.