Brad and Angelina picked up Maddox together from school yesterday. Maddox appears to have had a fun afternoon and clearly adores it when his parents come to fetch him together. Love that they’re sending him to French school.

The lower tier rags meanwhile are continuing to alternate between calling for a split and calling for another pregnancy. Life & Style’s creative new cover has something to do with Angelina being alienated from everyone else in Brad’s circle based solely on the fact that she did not accompany him to George Clooney’s NYC premiere of Michael Clayton.

In Touch Magazine on the other hand has a source who claims she is pregnant. But when photos of the alarmingly thin Angelina surfaced last week showing off a concave tummy, the magazine decided to secure exclusive rights to those shots, banning them from publication elsewhere in an attempt to subvert the gossip amateurs standing at the checkout from seeing the discrepancy. In Touch is focusing instead on the size of her tits as a sure sign of The Second Coming.

As for what really is going on between the two of them – the truth is…not much. They’re fine. He’s working, she’s at home with the kids, I’m told they’ve started looking into holiday plans and will once again spend part of their vacation time on humanitarian tours in addition to staying somewhere luxe with their family and massive entourage. Destination right now is South America though plans of course can change.

Will keep you posted.