Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided to go underground for a while after so much exposure during award season. She’s shooting Salt, they’re living in some crazy ass mansion on Long Island, and as such, the bottom feeding rags have chosen to capitalise by printing weekly reports about their split. This apparently is what sells.

The truth?

The truth is that the Brange wants you to know they’re still together. Which is why Us Weekly posted yesterday a breaking news alert TOP STORY: The Brange went to the grocery! On Saturday!

Along with Miss Zahara and the Chosen One, Brad and Angelina hit up the Stop & Shop for about half an hour. Were the paps there?

Of course!

The paps hang out at the Stop & Shop all the time. Even though the Brange only popped in for a short 30 minutes, it was just enough for photographers to shoot them pushing their kids around in a cart full of purchases.

Click here to see the images.

Today, dedicated a full article assuring the universe that all was fine in the world of Brange: she is not starving, she has not thrown him out, he is not running away from her, they are not acquiring a child (yet) from India or the Philippines, and she is not pregnant.

Breathe easy. The Brange is fine. They wanted to tell you that they’re fine. And you know, whenever they want to tell you they’re fine, there are always photos to go with it. Tomorrow is tabloid Wednesday…how will they answer?

File photos from AXELLE/ GABO/RADCLIFFE/