Brange was photographed shopping on Sunday at an open market in Cambodia. Look at them, him in particular, holding onto his camera pouch near his hip, standing behind her like it’s a scene from the mall, especially this time of year. This is exactly what my parents were like when my ma used to be able to walk properly and they would go shopping. Except, wait, I don’t think my dad would have worn such a pleasant expression on his face.

As you know, Brange is in Cambodia because Angelina Jolie is directing First They Killed My Father for Netflix. The film should be released late next year which might put it on the same track as Cary Fukunaga’s Beasts Of No Nation which, so far, is generating some support for awards consideration, mostly for Idris Elba’s performance. That’ll be her comeback then from By The Sea which didn’t find an audience or any love from critics. Confession: even though it opened in Toronto, one of the few cities were it was released, I never saw it. I wanted to! But no one else did. And I didn’t care enough to motivate myself to go on my own. Can we do a group watch when it comes out on demand?