As you know, the Pitts always sell. The Chosen One always sells. Photos of the First Family of Celebrity are the most lucrative of them all. And since the Pitts have retreated to France, every time they hang out on the terrace, every time they go shopping, every time they play in the garden, those images are immediately purchased and published. Until this week, the Pitts didn’t seem to mind so much.

But the Holy Twins have arrived. Images of the Holy Twins are reportedly still being negotiated – some say for as much as $16 million.

On Monday, Bauer Griffin posted a series of photos of the Pitt Family on the grounds of their chateau: the kids frolicking, Angelina walking alongside her mother-in-law, and in one photo appearing to carry a bundle wrapped in pink.

Yesterday captured these shots of Brad with Maddox and Pax joyriding outside their castle. Brad was pictured in a golf cart, with the Chosen One perched on his lap – a safety no no.

Within hours however the Pitt legal team showed teeth, bombarding photo agencies and websites with cease and desist letters related to what they call a violation of privacy. Click here for more from The Smoking Gun.



Specifically over THESE particular photos? When so many photos are taken of them all the time???

The question is: is it really a privacy issue…or is something more strategic at play?

Was it the pink bundle in Angie’s arms and the safeguarding of exclusivity when a deal is signed with one of the weeklies?


Is it because Brad does not want to be compared to Britney? What would the MiniVan say after they see the blonde, biological beauty sitting in violation of safety standards on her dad’s lap in a golf cart?

Needless to say, those photos have now been held back – no one wants to f&ck with the Pitts. The Pitts are always in control, see?

File photo from WENN