Nothing like a Pitt Family outing in the Big Apple to make everyone lose their sh-t.

Check it out – Brad and Angelina and the children minus the Chosen One went shopping at an art store today and people went bananas. Photographers and fans everywhere. Brad had asked the paps the day before to exercise some restraint around his kids. Apparently they obliged. He acknowledged that today as they were leaving.

But look at Miss Zahara. My favourite is stunning, non?

As for the latest moneymaking headlines – and remember, a Pitt split sells fast at the checkout – the National Enquirer is reporting a break up and a custody battle, proclaiming loudly that Brad is “taking Shiloh!”, which is of course your first indication that it’s bullsh-t. The man has four children but if he walks he’s only taking the biological one? Well then that makes him a prick, non?

Again, it’s the same issue over and over. Angelina is a lunatic, Brad is infallible, Angelina is dying or starving or using or jealous, Brad can’t handle it and is busting loose. Of course that means he’ll leave the rainbow kids with the crazy lady and take the white one. Maybe it’s just me, since I love Pitt Porn, but isn’t that a bit insulting.

My sources say the Pitts won’t be splitting any time soon. Having said that, the familiar refrain remains: gossip is a buffet. The lower tier rags are calling for a break up, have been calling for one all year. You choose what you believe.

What’s the expiration date on a split prediction anyway? Just asking…