The Huffington Post is reporting exclusively that the Brange will present at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

When have you ever known Brange to present since they became the Brange? Angelina Jolie, it’s slightly more likely as she’s been more accommodating with public participation during their relationship. But Brad Pitt? Brad Pitt doesn’t deign.

But they must want it BAD, non?

OMG I love them SO much. We should all love them so much. For their contribution to Gossip. These two and their shenanigans make Gossip great.

Will they present together? Oh I hope so...and I hope not. And I think not too.

I hope so because, obviously. But what would be better is if he presents Best Foreign Language Film, for which she has been nominated. And since this is the Hollywood Foreign Press Assocation, who are capable of ANYTHING, they might give it to her, being that she’s been so kind to them, calling them personally and agreeing to present and all.


He presents, she wins.

PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN (even though he’ll probably just end up introducing Moneyball).

As for last night and his loss to his boy George Clooney - a very gracious moment between the two of them, hugging and kissing cheeks when George’s name was called, hanging out during commercial breaks, reminding us that they really should spend more time together...on camera. But Brad looked good, non? So good in white tie, even though the Jolie did not join him as she was busy doing her In The Land Of Blood And Honey livechat, during which she took a question from Maddox and talked about how Brad consoled her in the shower. They are going HARD at this sh-t.

It’s coming on Sunday then. The Pitt Porn is coming on Sunday. I’m ready!