The fans lost their sh-t today in Tokyo as Brad Pitt arrived, with the Jolie, for the Japanese premiere of Moneyball. Apparently it was a “surprise” that she came with him.


For who???

No matter. Brad was very gracious about including junior baseball players from parts of the country devastated by the earthquake. He praised Japanese citizens for their recovery efforts. And he highlighted the importance of art and entertainment as inspiration and release during crisis.

Am I a total sh-t for changing the subject?

Because while there’s always so much talk about how skinny she is, how about how skinny HE is? No doubt, Brad the older Tristan Ludlow looks awesome. And, as always, with the pants, oh my God, the best pants ever...

But he’s a lean, lean, lean bastard. By design. Everything is by design. Both of them, so lean, so spare, it’s by design. So...with those glasses then, does he mean to look so much like Guy Pearce?  

Sorry, I’m just being a bitch because they didn’t give up the Pitt Porn.