As mentioned in the open, I’ve not seen every magazine cover this week but no doubt, Jennifer Aniston will likely be on a few of them, including the new issue of US Weekly. Interestingly enough, while US offers details about Justin Theroux’s proposal and what their baby plans are (as IF), the Brange, of course, also makes an appearance and US is reporting exclusively that the wedding is indeed happening...very soon.

According to the magazine, it’ll be within the next month in France. At Miraval. Small ceremony, intimates only so George Clooney is not invited. US gets so specific there are even details about Angelina Jolie’s dress -- “sliplike”, and she’ll wear flowers in her hair from the French countryside. The children of course have been involved in all the planning and apparently the Brange has already filed the civil paperwork and have been legally married since shortly after Brad Pitt proposed. There’s more in the article about their immediate plans after the wedding and what will happen with the pictures. US is on newsstands now.


And not drag this out longer with Jen and Justin, like a celebrity wedding version of The Amazing Race?