As discussed yesterday - click here for a refresher - certain French media outlets are all over the Brange chateau in the South of France for a possible wedding there this weekend. Again, as also discussed yesterday, Euro gossips are about as reliable as ... Radar Online. Which is to say not very.

Still... a little Brange excitement is never bad. And besides, we need something for that Olympic withdrawal.

So will it really be tomorrow? To coincide with Brad Pitt’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary? Are they trying to go undercover from the Olympics?

Well, to complicate matters, another French publication, Var-matin, claims that the wedding is actually NEXT weekend, on August 18, citing an unusual piece of evidence - the rescheduling of a food fair in the village which is supposed to mean that the townsfolk wanted to avoid a conflict of events.

Wouldn’t the food fair benefit from the presence of all the international media?

By the way, August 18 is the second luckiest day of the year: 8-1-8.

God I miss Pitt Porn. It’s been months!