Dear Gossips,

Exactly a week ago today, I opened the blog on Vanity Fair’s Hollywood divorce piece featuring commentary from Laura Wasser about why celebrity splits get played out in the media. She claimed that, “Most of my clients, for better or for worse, are not interested in that kind of publicity.” When celebrity divorces do get messy, she reasoned that, “I think it takes a certain personality to sign up for that and it also takes a certain panel of representatives”. Laura Wasser represented Johnny Depp. She’s now representing Angelina Jolie. Johnny Depp’s divorce was not quiet. And neither is Angelina Jolie’s. In light of what happened yesterday though, it’s worth going back and reading that article. The way the Brange split is looking right now, none of it is unfolding the way Laura Wasser typically advises.

The Brange split was trending in top spot on Twitter for hours yesterday. And then some people started complaining that it was trending in top spot on Twitter because the end of a Hollywood marriage shouldn’t be that big of a deal. But this wasn’t just any Hollywood marriage, was it? Maureen Callahan called Brange the “Last Great Hollywood Couple” in the NY Post last night. And it’s true. A couple like Brange is once in a generation. We may never see another Brange again. Hollywood just isn’t built that way anymore. And, as we’ve discussed, over and over again, movie stars just aren’t built that way anymore. The biggest movie star to emerge over the last 10 years has been Jennifer Lawrence. But even if Jennifer Lawrence stepped into the vacancy now created by the end of Brange, who would join her there? There’s no current counterpart to play the Brad Pitt position. The reason why Brange became so big was because both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were already mega and major independently before they hooked up. Brange was singular and special. And Brange is now legend. As Maureen Callahan wrote:

“Brangelina was the last real super-couple to double down on wealth, fame and privilege. They epitomized glamour and mystery, old-fashioned movie stardom and myth-making. Their last gift to us, their captive, enraptured audience? An equally spectacular divorce.”

Yours in gossip,