The Brange is now in Italy for 3 months while Angelina shoots a movie with Johnny Depp. The entire family has hunkered down in Venice as local paps salivate over every outing.

Like this one - Miss Zahara out with Brange along with her little bro Knox Leon. Let's call him KL. It's a clean shot of his little face which looks remarkably like the Chosen One's face, a perfect hybrid of their pulchritudinous parents.

These well timed images have ensured, for now, that rumours of a Brange split are discredited, to be ressurrected when Johnny and Angie get papped on set, smiling at each other or something, at which point a new round of homewrecker speculation is sure to make headlines.

I prefer the playdate. Jack and Lily Rose Depp with Maddox and Miss Z waving from a gondola - the next generation receiving its public. Now that is a money shot.

PS. the photo agency has identifed this child as KL. Some of you say it's the Chosen One. I don't know about babies. You decide.

Photos from INF