Thanks God” it happened on a weekend. Because if it had been a weekday they would have crippled the stock market.

Did you hear, did you hear, did you hear?

The Twins, they came out to bless the world, and the Brangelunatics they wept with gratitude.

Here are the Brange with Knox and Vivs in Jordan on an ice cream outing that was captured by a fan and posted on Twitter and then quickly disseminated around the world at which point the entire planet, with the exception of the Twi-Hards, who cannot be torn away from their televisions on the weekends because this is when they can watch the Twilight DVD on repeat loop without interruption, stopped to marvel at the Twin Perfection.

Speaking of Twi-Hards vs Brangelunatics…

Since the Brange has kept it quiet recently, Brangelunatics have allowed the Twi-Hard crazy to take centre stage. But these are the occasions when Brangelunatics come raging back. Apparently they’ve spent all weekend online debating the Twins’ eyecolour. Blue or brown? Blue and blonde, of course, is their preference. Because blue and blonde is the BEST combination. Superior.

Click here if you want to join the discussion.

Check out Viv’s earrings. They cost more than your house. My mother had my ears when I was very young too. Like 10 months.

And finally, after a few days in the Middle East, the Brange is back in France where Angelina was spotted with Miss Zahara and The Chosen One who seemed super excited to be out with mom on a grocery run. So much so that Miss Z left her attitude at home. Shiloh is killing me with her hat and tie. I say this with the emotional detachment of an aunt – kids have the most hilarious relationship with clothing. The Chosen One’s recent sartorial flair (remember last week’s sword?) is helping her win points in my heart. She’s gaining on her sister.

But here’s a good dose of the Brangelunacy on full throttle.

From Stacy in Indiana:

Hi Lainey!

I really love that you call Brad and Angie the Brange! It’s so cute! Thanks for loving them, the haters are just jealous of this perfect, beautiful family that is giving so much to mankind, it’s so inspiring.

But I’m really worried about Shiloh (you call her the chosen one lol). Look at how Angie is dressing her like a boy. Maybe that’s how she’s dressing herself but as a mother of two I can tell you that’s not normal. She wants to be gay and the signs are showing already. Don’t get mad I don’t have a problem with this, but it just gives the haters more ammo, ya know?

What do you think?

Stacy isn’t the only person who has emailed with these observations.

What do I think?

I think it’s ignorant. IGNORANT.

Just as ignorant as saying boys shouldn’t be allowed to grow their hair long and must only be in blue. It’s ignorant. Using Shiloh’s pants as prediction for future homosexuality is ignorant. Worrying about perceived future homosexuality is ignorant. It’s a collective Ignorant.

And the Collective Ignorant is raising kids. Amazing.


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