Bring out the big guns when it’s crunch time, right?

And Benjamin Button has a lot of ground to make up. So the Brange arrived with the kids in Tokyo today to promote the film and it’s a clear shot of not one but BOTH twins Vivienne and Knox – photos that undoubtedly will sell totalling of hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time all magazines, tv shows, newspapers, and blogs around the world have been accounted for. And with less than 4 weeks to go for Oscar, while Academy members are currently voting.

Well played.

They’re supposed to be fraternal but to my untrained baby-disinterested eye, they look exactly the same. And a sharp similarity to the Chosen One Shiloh.

But let’s not neglect the unimportant adopted children, shall we?

Because Pax is GORGEOUS. And is challenging his brother Maddox for hair supremacy. My favourite Miss Zahara seems too tired to glare at anyone. Shame.

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Other reasons for the full on Brange hard sell of late? Aside from Oscar aspirations, there are some serious matters to address.

Something about a tell-all book written by her ex bodyguard that will threaten to destroy their carefully crafted public perfection. Angie supposedly fired him so, to make a quick million, he signed a deal. So far only the tabloids have addressed it and there is no word about a release date but the allegations are said to be sensational.

How does the Brange fight back?

Pitt Porn, the Chosen One, and the Holy Twins.

And there is no doubt who will win.

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Who could ever conquer the Trinity?