Back in January, Brad Pitt and Charlie Hunnam were both at the same event but didn’t pose together and I mentioned at that time that I wanted to see it, not only because Brad Pitt produced The Lost City Of Z but also because the two have known each other a while and kinda look like each other 20 years apart which is why people keep rumouring that Brad could have totally played Jax Teller’s father. Or Charlie could totally play Brad. Back in 2005, Brad was attached to a project called Chad Schmidt, about a movie star called Brad Pitt and a lookalike loser called Chad Schmidt. He never ended up making it, but if that script is still on the table, Charlie could totally do it.

Here they are, posing together last night at the LA premiere of The Lost City Of Z although not side by side, which is why I can’t iso the shot. I’m sure it was unintentional. That said, I’m not sure Brad minds. He has his vanity too. He’s an actor, after all. And looking at Charlie’s face might be like looking backwards. (A standalone Charlie post is coming up right after this one.) US Weekly’s headline about Brad’s appearance last night was about how he “smoldered” on the carpet. I mean…he looks fine, sure. But I don’t know if I would use the word “smolders” here. And especially not when Charlie Hunnam is two feet away.