Brad Pitt and David Fincher in Paris today at the photocall for Benjamin Button, their newly minted 13 time Oscar nominee. And even sweeter? The film is doing a very healthy box office too and just now going international. Today’s events won’t hurt either.

So Brad has much to celebrate. Did he celebrate with a scrub? His face looks freshly peeled, or something…

Chill Brangelunatics. You know I’m buying. You know I worship the Brange. But there’s worship and then there’s objectivity. Try it some time.

What’s notable about this appearance?

Brad Pitt doesn’t have to.

We’ve seen it a lot lately. Even at photo calls. Most of them must dress for a photo call. Look presentable. Most of them must hustle for promotion. Travel from here to there, fly in to a talk show, make nice chit chat, kiss ass, smile fake…

But not Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt doesn’t have to.

Brad Pitt can control a media room. Brad Pitt can dictate the terms at a press conference outside the standard guidelines of a film festival. Brad Pitt can call in his interview with Larry King. Brad Pitt can do the same with Ellen. Brad Pitt can wear old gungy jeans and a cap in Paris for a photo call. Not even Tom Cruise has these privileges anymore.

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