This should have been the awards show that was telecast live instead of that Kids’ Choice MTV f-ckery last night.

It’s Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and director David Fincher celebrating Fight Club as the recipient of a coolest sh-t hall of fame award. Or something. At the Spike TV Guy’s Choice Awards on Saturday.

Rare that Brad Pitt shows up for anything. But he showed up with his boys for Spike TV. Looks like the testosterone was running high. While accepting the honour, Pitt pumped his fists and shouted:

"Thank you for the greatest moment of my f-cking life!" Heh.

The award was presented by none other than Mel Gibson. Brad acknowledged him by yelling out: Thanks Sugar Tits!

As you know, Mel was accused of using the term sugar tits when he was arrested.

Mel rode in on stage in Viking costume. Apparently he partied hard that night. Because is reporting that at his church the next morning on Sunday (you know, the church that he built? And therefore owns?) Mel lost his sh-t on the congregation, lecturing them for gossiping about him, threatening to close the place down if they didn’t stop talking smack about him and his mail order soon to be baby mother:

Click here to read about how his crazy got out of control. F-cking lunatic.

Let’s go back to Brad then. In his hot leather jacket. And Edward Norton. Together. Delicious. It’s the 10th Anniversary of Fight Club.

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