Brad Pitt was in Germany today reportedly to check out the Documenta. As you know, he’s apparently become something of an art collector. Word is he was granted a private viewing. The way he’s wearing the sh-t out of that shirt, his gait, the confidence…you want to know why Brad Pitt? Look at him.

Documenta opens on Saturday. It only happens every 5 years. Is he on the phone with an agent about to drop a couple of million dollars on a piece that caught his eye? Did Emily Carr catch his eye? (Yes, I know her work is not available; it’s simply a segue.)

We Canadians know Emily Carr. But Emily Carr is finally getting some international play. The Vancouver Art Gallery has loaned out 7 Carr canvasses for display at Documenta. This is a big ass deal. Almost 70 years after her death, her career just might explode. No other historical Canadian painter has had this opportunity. Not even Group of 7. (Source)

Click here to read a great article about how Carr came to be included in Documenta. The cloak and dagger details behind the Documenta process is fascinating.