I LOVE it when Brad Pitt and George Clooney are together in a bro down situation. It’s been a while. George is allergic to commitment and children. So I guess he doesn’t really hang at the Brange compound too much. Still, it would be nice to see them on a carpet together again, all Oceans and cool, the most popular boys in school. And it could happen this coming award season.

As you already know, The Tree of Life just won the Palme d’Or and, despite dividing critics, the film was a showcase for what was, unanimously, Brad Pitt’s finest performance. People smell a campaign. Already. For Best Actor?

And then there’s George. The trailer for his new film The Descendants has just been released. The movie comes out in December. Prime awards bait scheduling. The Descendants was written and directed by Alexander Payne (Sideways, About Schmidt), so some people are saying it could be a contender. Obviously we are WAY BEYOND early to be talking about this…you would think. But that’s what they do. They study this sh-t all year round. Me. I do.

As you can see, George tries to play unattractive. Check that scene of him running. I mean, that’s not Hot Running. But sometimes he just can’t help himself. Note the part when he’s walking on the beach and his hair’s all fluffy and thick and, he can study acting all day, that’s just a movie star pretending to be an everyday dad in a movie, non?

But if The Descendants doesn’t do it for him, maybe The Ides of March will? Clooney directs and stars alongside Ryan Gosling and Evan Rachel Wood. They’re looking at an October release. It’s a political drama. One way or another then, George could find himself back at the Kodak. With his good friend Brad. And then we’ll get our boys back.


Why not really go hard with the premature awards stroking?

We Bought a Zoo
starring Matt Damon, directed by Cameron Crowe. No one’s seen it yet, obviously, but that’s been pencilled in for December too. Which means they think it might be a possibility on the circuit.

Awards season with Brad, George, AND Matt?

I might be the only nerd excited about that 7 months ahead of time.

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