Moneyball was released in theatres in September. It is no longer in (most) theatres. In fact, it’s now available on DVD. It was available on DVD 3 weeks ago, on January 10th. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are now making the press rounds in New promote the DVD???

Every day I get yelled at by Brangelunatics fighting against the reality of the “campaign”.

Why else would they be on The Today Show if it wasn’t a goddamn campaign???

Yes, Oscar voters watch The Today Show. Of course they do. And Team Brad must think they still have a chance. Oscar expert Mark Harris, my go-to Grantland read, believes that it is still Clooney’s to lose, but also has a great anecdote about the year Brokeback Mountain was defeated by Crash. He was in the audience, and there was a gasp of straight up horror in the theatre when Crash was called, and no one who was actually there that night had voted for it. But even more Academy voters who had voted for it were sitting at home, watching TV, cozy in the comfort of their Palm Springs mansions, where they also tune into The Today Show. This, then, is what you do.

In addition to The Today Show, Brad and Jonah also taped an appearance on Inside The Actors Studio last night. Brad previously turned down an invitation to sit down with Lipton because he said, back in 2004, that his resume didn’t merit the opportunity. Does it count that he’s doing it in tandem with someone else?