I don’t want to stir sh*t up, but the teaser for Allied, the World War II movie starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, is out and Pitt & Cotillard look unbelievably gorgeous in it. It’s shades of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, when you couldn’t believe two such magnificent creatures existed at the same time, in the same place. I’m not saying I suddenly believe in Pittillard, but maybe a tiny part of me suddenly wants to. Look at them! LOOK! I love Brangelina, but I could love Pittillard, too, that’s all I’m saying. (Lainey: and what the tabloids are trying to say too.)

As for the movie, it’s suitably tense. They’re spies and they’re building a whole fake life undercover, complete with children. It’s like The Americans but in World War II with an Oscar-friendly November release date. One day, Brad Pitt will win an acting Oscar—will it be for Allied? Who knows. But at least his pursuit of Oscar isn’t nearly as obnoxious as Leonardo DiCaprio’s was. Wouldn’t it be fun if Brad Pitt was rewarded for decades of solid, interesting work in a variety of genres, while Leo won for being mounted by a bear?