Last week Maddox and Pax joined dad in Venice – now it appears to be Zahara’s turn to travel. Seen here – Brad Pitt with his first daughter in Cannes… could Zahara be Toronto-bound? Z to ward off the clingy ex-wife…and tabloid insinuations of a clingy ex-wife hookup? Seems a bit early though, keep you posted.

But look at that face. You don’t mess with Miss Zahara.

As mentioned last week, given the unlikelihood that Angelina will be accompanying him, nothing like a kid to dampen the inevitable insinuations during TIFF.

And on that note, rumour has it, Jennifer Aniston is bringing reinforcements of her own to stir up intrigue, because there’s certainly little to zero interest surrounding her movie. Baiting with her love life yet again – clearly she’s yet to learn anything from Tina Fey.

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