There was some kind of art event – I think – at Paramount Studios yesterday in Hollywood. Brad Pitt was there wearing his favourite outfit. His only outfit? It’s the only thing he ever wears! And the thinking used to be that if you wear the same thing, the paps won’t want to pap you – so believed Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. But, please, he’s Brad Pitt. He will ALWAYS get papped, even if he keeps on wearing the same clothes. So I’m not sure it’s about the papping as it is about the fact that he just really, really, really loves those pants, the boots, and the jacket. And he looks GREAT.

Um, you know who’s not holding up, not really? Orlando Bloom. He was there too. When Orlando Bloom first broke, oh my God he was pretty. Pretty can fade into something much sexier. Has this happened for Orlando Bloom? Let me know your thoughts.

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, according to the highly unreliable HEAT magazine, Jennifer Aniston wants to hook Orlando up with Gwyneth. If that’s true – which is probably isn’t – what you’re looking at is a snapshot of G’s past and future. In this case, I prefer the past. I loved the past. Chill the f-ck out Brangelunatics. I’m not saying we should go back. I’m just saying that when the past was the present, it was a wonderful time to gossip.