At The Time Traveller’s Wife premiere in New York last night – Pitt is a producer on the film and showed up dressed impeccably, as usual, in a white suit to match his leading lady Rachel McAdams.

Rachel was at one time on Jacek’s Freebie Five. Can’t remind why he removed her. We are both fickle that way with our fantasies. Whatever the reason, he may have something to deliberate today. Because she looked GORGEOUS. And that white dress was made for her. And single now too? Please. Get rid of the Chriqui for the McAdams.

You all seemed pretty excited about the flashback video I posted yesterday. That kiss, it never, ever gets old.

McGoslings are hoping that Ryan saw her in this dress and hopped on the red eye from LA. Maybe he knocked on her door this morning.

She did however go out last night. To the Time Traveller’s afterparty, also attended by Brad Pitt. Side by side they actually look pretty good together.

Chill, Brangelunatics. Pitt Porn is #1. I’m just saying, another time, another place, they would have been nice to look at.

As for the film…


You’ve seen the sucky ass trailer, and early reviews have not been overly positive, The Time Traveller’s Wife opens this weekend. Hope the trailer was just badly cut? Because if you’ve read the book it’s not even close.

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